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Fall 2019 Tuition Rate Changes

Effective Fall 2019, MSU Denver students registered for 13-18 credit hours are going to be charged 50% of the tuition rate, if they take classes on the same campus.*

Please see our current Tuition Tables for rates. 

*Same Campus means:

  • All Main Campus classes
  • A mix of Main Campus and Online Courses
  • All South Campus

WICHIE-WUE students are exluded from the 50% discount, and will be charged the same amount per credit hour regardless of how many credits they take. 


Current Fiscal Year (Fall 2019- Summer 2020)

Below, you will be able to find information about the tuition cost, mandatory fees, and program fees for Undergraduate classes on main and south campus', as well as Graduate classes. The tuition cost for special programs, courses, and certificates are not listed on these tuition tables, so you may need to reach out to the department administering them.  

Undergraduate Tuition Tables 19-20

Graduate Tuition Tables 19-20

College of Business

Graduate College of Professional Studies

School of Education

Tuition Tables Archive

Click the link below to view an archive of tuition and fees tables:

Archive of Tuition Tables by Fiscal Year

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 Office of the Bursar documents are available in Adobe PDF format. You will need to download the Adobe Reader free software if you do not already have it.


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