What is the Office of Budget?

The Office of the Budget exists to provide leadership and guidance to the President and Board of Trustees for MSU Denver’s budget and fiscal planning. The Budget Office is responsible for:

  • Providing accurate and transparent budgetary information for the internal university stakeholders as well as external agencies and governing bodies.
  • Preparing for and responding to proposed legislation that could ultimately affect the budget and/or fiscal planning.
  • Assisting administrators, faculty, and staff with budgetary planning and analysis.
  • Crafting, revising, and executing the university’s budget process.

The Budget Office is critical to the planning and facilitation of the budget process and the execution of the finalized budget to ensure that administrators, faculty, staff, and students know that money received by the university is well spent and utilized to enhance the educational and professional experience of all Roadrunners, whether students to employees.

What to Know About the Budget

Budget Overview

MSU operates a collaborative budget process that aims to incorporate shared governance into budget decision making. Our people are at the core of our mission and budget.


The vast majority of our revenue comes from tuition and fees (typically around 60%) and state funding (around 30%). Much smaller portions typically come from grants, fundraising and auxiliary activities such as the University’s hotel, interest income, etc.


The vast majority of expenditures are allocated in support of our people, with nearly two thirds of the budget dedicated to direct compensation. Approximately 20% supports operational expenses to keep the University functioning, such as utilities and software licensing.


Budget Development Cycle

Summer: Planning and budget assumptions and trustee/presidential budget priorities are developed.      


  • Planning and budget assumptions and priorities set and communicated.
  • Budget owners develop their proposals with input from their stakeholders and submit them to UPBAC.       

October through December: Departmental budgetary discussions and development

January: UPBAC reviews assumptions and provides perspectives for the president’s consideration.      

May and/or June: The president considers the feedback, then submits proposals to the trustees for approval.

MSU Denver's FY 2024-25 Amended Education and General Budget

Total Expenditures   $221,394,000

Projected Expenditures and Individual Branch Budgets

  • Academic Affairs   $115,759,000
  • Administration and Finance   $29,033,000
  • Athletics   $3,572,000
  • Campus Wide   $32,026,000
  • Diversity   $1,364,000
  • General Counsel   $1,881,000
  • Government Relations   $907,000
  • President’s Office   $2,127,000
  • Strategy   $2,665,000
  • Student Affairs   $18,040,000
  • University Advancement   $4,950,000
  • University Communications and Marketing   $4,166,000
  • Compensation Increases $4,905,000

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