Welcome to Biology!

We are excited that you have chosen to pursue a degree with us! As a newly admitted Biology student we want to assure you that we are here to support you and answer your questions. In an effort to provide more clarity to the start of your student journey here at MSU Denver, we’ve provided a road map below to offer guidance. Follow these steps to get on your way!

Please be aware there will be a hold on all new student accounts and you will not be able to register for classes until you have completed an orientation session.

Be sure to check out our FAQs section as well to learn more about the Biology degree and general MSU Denver degree guidelines.


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Activate Your MSU Denver Email

MSU Denver will use your student email account for all official communication. To protect your educational privacy, please get in the habit of checking/responding from your student email account. Click here for information on setting up your student email.


Transcript Evaluation

If you have any previous college credit, please order official transcripts from each institution to be sent to [email protected] so they can be evaluated and the credit posted to your record.

  • If you have any AP/IB exam scores, please send the official score report to the Transcript Evaluation team as well at [email protected].
  • Please submit SAT/ACT scores (if they are less then 5 years old) as they can help place you into the proper Math and English courses.
  • If you do not have SAT/ACT scores, or previous college credit in Math or English, then you MUST take the Accuplacer AAF for Math placement and the First Year Writing placement essay for English.
    • Completing college algebra toward the beginning of your studies is essential to progressing toward a Biology degree.
    • Review this Testing & Information Resources sheet before taking the Accuplacer AAF.
  • Please complete these before Orientation. You will not be able to register for Math or English courses without them.

How to Send Transcripts

Accuplacer AAF Review Packet


Register for an Orientation Session

Before you will be able to register for classes, you’ll need to participate in an Orientation session. The sooner you complete Orientation, the sooner you can register for classes!

If you’re a transfer student, you’ll have the option of completing an online, self-paced orientation. We urge you to schedule an appointment with an advisor afterward. If you’re a readmitted student, you won’t need to complete orientation again.

Again, please be advised that orientation holds are placed on all newly admitted student accounts and you will not be able to register until you have completed an orientation session.


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Apply for Financial Aid

We encourage you to apply for Financial Aid as soon as possible because this can be a time sensitive process and sometimes requires additional follow up. Please complete the FAFSA or CAFSA and be sure to check out the MSU Denver Scholarship page to learn what additional financial assistance you may be eligible for!

We have three advisors currently serving the Biology department. We’d love to discuss our program and the many possibilities that studying Biology entails. Please email one of us with your questions or make an appointment for a phone call or video conference!

You can set up an appointment yourself by clicking the link under each advisor’s contact information below or reach out to our front office at 303-615-0777.

Biology Academic Advisors