The Digital and Emerging Art Practices (DEAP) program introduces students to the evolving world of digital art by incorporating contemporary digital art techniques with their creative endeavors. It encourages an interdisciplinary approach, enabling you to combine various artistic mediums, technologies, and ideas, enriching your engagement within the digital arts. The program is committed to facilitating discussions about the rapidly changing digital and emerging art fields, equipping you to understand and contribute to these contemporary conversations.

DEAP offers an educational setting that emphasizes access to digital art tools and practices, making contemporary techniques and theories accessible to you. Our flexible curriculum allows you to customize your academic path to align with your interests and career objectives while grounding you in critical theory and practice. This approach encourages you to expand the dialogue around digital arts, preparing you with the knowledge and skills necessary to become a creative artist and thinker in the digital art world.

Download Degree Requirements:

Art Major, BFA

Four Year Progression Plan


The DEAP lab provides 20 MacBook Pro M2 laptops and improves its creative terrain with two sound-equipped video projectors, a 65” UHD 4K screen, and a black box space. The DEAP lab facilities encourage experimentation, collaboration, and community building, offering a dynamic environment for students to explore digital media, multimedia installation, and interactive art. This integration serves DEAP’s mission to explore and expand the digital arts boundary, encouraging creative exploration and discourse.

The DEAP studio facility offers the following gear and equipment for student use:

Immersive Art

  • 4 Meta Quest 3 VR headset
  • 10 Insta360 ONE X
  • 4 XBOX Wireless Controller
  • 1 SAMSUNG 65″ UHD 4K


  • 2 Panasonic LUMIX 4K
  • 2 Magnus VT 3000 Tripod
  • 10 Oben ASPTA 20 Smartphone Tripod Adaptor


  • 2 ZOOM H3 – VR 360
  • 6 Sony MDR7506 Headphone
  • 6 MOVO VXR10 Microphone

Media Player

  • 10 MICCA 4K media player
  • 4 BrightSign LS425 media player
  • 1 NETGEAR 5-Port Ethernet Switch


  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Unity
  • Unreal Engine
  • Meta Spark
  • Blender

Experimental artwork image shows a small monitor inside a clear case.


Portrait of Professor Nima Bahrehmand

Nima Bahrehmand (he/they)

Assistant Professor - Art

Office Location: AR 187K

[email protected] 303-615-0131
Matt Jenkins

Matt Jenkins (he/him)

Professor - Art

Office Location: AR 187L

[email protected] 303-615-0634