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Zonera Nasir

Department of Computer Sciences



Spring 2024: Student & Faculty End of the Year Awards

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Outstanding Students Nominated by Department

Advanced Manufacturing Sciences Institute​ 

Thomas Fleming


Aviation and Aerospace Science

Natalie Gramer


Civil Engineering Technology

Connor Ferrari​


Construction Project Management

Gabriela Vaca Mercado


Electrical Engineering Technology

Wahid Benabbas​


Industrial Design

Patrick Kreutzer

Aviation and Aerospace Management​ 

Danielle Carroll


Computer Science

Alyssa Williams


Computer Engineering

Ayman Altawasfsheh​


Environmental Engineering

Jennifer Kerns


Mechanical Engineering Technology

Michael Lukacovic​

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Nominationed by Department

Steve Geinitz headshot

Dr. Steven Geinitz, Outstanding Collaboration

Steven Geinitz, a faculty member at MSU Denver, expressed surprise and gratitude upon receiving the CACED Outstanding Faculty Collaboration Award. Reflecting on the development of the new Data Science and Machine Learning major, Geinitz emphasized the collaborative effort involving colleagues from the Computer Science, Math, and Statistics departments. The initiative, which stemmed from discussions with Buffy Ribble [from the Math/Stat department] over three years ago, culminated in the creation and refinement of the curriculum for the new major. Geinitz’s background in Computer Science and Statistics/Machine Learning facilitated natural collaboration with colleagues, echoing experiences from his tenure in the tech industry, particularly at eBay and Facebook (now Meta), where collaboration across teams was encouraged. This approach, reminiscent of the collaborative ethos in tech companies, contributed to the success and recognition of the collaborative project at MSU Denver. The award serves as validation of Geinitz’s alignment with the university’s goals and ambitions, as he stated, “It’s an honor to be recognized by the college in this way, and also a nice form of validation that my ambitions and goals at MSU align with the goals of the college and university overall”. 

Daniel Pittman headshot

Dr. Daniel Pittman, Outstanding Scholarship

Dr. Daniel Pittman, recipient of the CACED Outstanding Faculty Scholarship Award, expressed surprise and gratitude for the recognition, highlighting the unexpected nature of the honor given his initial perceptions of eligibility criteria. He emphasized the importance of inclusivity in considering assistant faculty for such awards, acknowledging their potential to contribute significantly to the university. The award served as validation of his transition from industry to academia and his dedication to research despite challenges, Pittman stated, “It’s really satisfying honestly, to get that recognition because it’s been a long journey that got me to this point…”. Pittman’s work focuses on sustainability initiatives and student engagement, particularly through grants and projects aimed at community impact—including a project designed to enhance the community experience here at MSU Denver (more to come). He attributed his success to years of networking and perseverance, leveraging past experiences to secure funding and establish himself in academia. Throughout his experiences, Pittman praises the support he continuously receives from his department and university, underscoring the importance of collaboration and camaraderie among colleagues, he stated, “I genuinely am appreciative of my peers here in the department and the college…”. His journey from industry to academia reflects his commitment to meaningful contributions to research and student development, highlighting his focus on helping students understand why they are here [at MSU Denver]. 

Tyler Bachelder, Outstanding Teaching

Tyler Bachelder, recipient of the CACED Outstanding Faculty Teaching Award, expressed humility and gratitude, recognizing the collective effort of faculty in fostering student success. The award signifies validation for years of dedicated teaching, personally and professionally. Highlighting his approach to teaching excellence, Bachelder emphasized the importance of enjoyable learning experiences, and the integration of technology, especially in the aviation field working with the student demographic of MSU Denver. He shared memorable moments of students’ success, demonstrating the impact of classroom teaching on their careers, Bachelder stated, “…what we do makes a difference and that we’re contributing to the success of our students”. With a background in aviation and industry experience, Bachelder brings real-world insights to his teaching, ensuring relevance and engagement; he stated, “[you] know, I love what I do… it’s great kind of being around just that teaching side and just sharing the knowledge I have with the next generation of pilots.” His commitment to student success and passion for teaching is reflected in his journey from industry to academia, where he continues to inspire the next generation of pilots at MSU Denver.

Bachelder Tyler Headshot

Dave Klein, Outstanding Service

This award goes to faculty in the College that has had a demonstrable impact with development of community partnerships, service learning, and/or service that significantly help promote CACED’s mission.

dave klein, Industrial Design

Student Selected Outstanding Faculty Awards


Bachelder Tyler Headshot

Tyler Bachelder, Aviation and Aerospace

Thyago Mota, Headshot

Thyago Mota, Computer Science

Khalid Kuwairi Headshot

Khalid Kuwairi, Engineering

Scott Mourer Headshot

Scott Mourer, Industrial Design

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CACED Program Managers with Dean Newcomer FA '23 (from left): Corrie Velasquez, Talya Atkinson, Kiha Sutta

CACED Program Managers with Dean Newcomer FA '23 (from left): Corrie Velasquez, Talya Atkinson, Kiha Sutta

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