Mission of the Early Alert Program

Under the division of Academic Affairs, the Early Alert program is a collaborative process undertaken by faculty and staff to provide proactive academic outreach and empower students to engage, persist, and graduate in a timely manner. The program monitors select student populations and enhances the academic experience of both faculty and students. It assists students experiencing academic difficulty at critical points throughout a semester and provides opportunities for faculty to recognize students for their academic achievements in the classroom. It employs a holistic approach in providing targeted interventions that meet the diverse needs of our student populations to help them connect with their learning, succeed academically, and develop lifelong strategies they will use to thrive beyond MSU Denver.

Goals of the Early Alert Program

Monitor student academic progress throughout the semester

  • Faculty receive notifications through SSC Navigate to provide feedback for monitored student populations, including class attendance, academic performance or providing positive feedback that they are on-track or exceeding expectations.
  • Students receive an email communication after the notification is submitted by the faculty member. Students receive an email for all notifications.
  • Academic advisors and success coaches are notified if a student has been notified of an attendance concern through an assigned case in SSC that the advisor or success coach follows-up on.
  • Success coaches are notified of any other notifications a faculty member submits as the majority of these students are part of a program that requires monitoring for any notification submitted.


Foster student success by empowering students to connect with university resources 

  • Email communication to students encourages them to connect with the most essential resources to start out with.
  • Conversations with faculty and staff also include referrals to offices or people on-campus if a student discloses barriers that have impacted their success.


Build campus community by increasing meaningful engagement between students, faculty, and

  • Conversations with students are often documented in SSC Navigate for faculty, staff, and students to refer to for the appointment summaries.
  • In SSC Navigate, faculty and staff can see who issued the notification to students as well as who interacts with students once a case is closed. When a case is closed, SSC Navigate will also send the issuer of the notification an email and the issuer will be instructed to login to SSC for details about the interaction, since the details are not included in the email. Through this communication, faculty and staff can reach out to one another with questions and/or additional information/support

Resources for Faculty and Staff

Contact Information

MSU Denver Early Alert Program

Contact Patrick Wise with questions about the Early Alert process

Mailing Address

Metropolitan State University of Denver
P.O. Box 173362
Box 71 – Academic Review Committee
Denver, CO 80217-3362


Jordan Student Success Building 170 (Window #2) See Auraria Campus Map

Advising Systems Coordinator for Intervention Services

Patrick Wise
[email protected]

Associate Director for Advising Systems & Intervention Services

Kimberly Williams
[email protected]