Fall 2024 Academic Suspension appeals are due by: Monday, July 15th - 11:59pm

Review for next semester will start in February for potential early registration opportunities

Appeal Expectations

Read the instructions below very carefully, they are important for the success of your appeal.

  • Fully answer every part of each question.
  • It is your responsibility to provide complete reasoning for the committee to approve your appeal.

      Treat these questions like an essay.

Explain the reasons for your academic decline.

  • Include information on all of the semesters affecting your GPA was below 2.0, not just the most recent
  • Identify all specific incidents and/or causes for your academic decline (be comprehensive, but stick to relevant details)
  • Show honesty and self-reflection (an understanding of what role you played in the situation)

Explain your plan of action for the future.

  • What steps have you taken to addressed the reasons for your academic decline (How have the issues you were experiencing been solved?)
  • Explain the steps and responsibility you are currently taking to help fulfill the terms of the probation contract
  • Explain the steps and responsibility you will take in the future to fulfill the terms of the probation contract
  • Include the ultimate goals you are achieving by being enrolled in this university

You may also attach documentation within the form.

If you would like assistance reviewing your appeal before submitting it, The MSU Denver Writing Center is available at https://www.msudenver.edu/writing-center/.

Allow 7-10 working days for the decision to be made. You will be emailed the decision to your MSU Denver email address. If your appeal is approved, you must schedule an appointment, with Kim Williams, to register for classes by calling 303-605-5644 or email [email protected].

Please take into account that the Student Academic Review Committee decision is final as is stated in the University catalog. If you are denied and still wish to speak to a professional staff member, you may schedule an appointment. However, be aware that the meeting will be to discuss the options that you have, NOT to discuss the changes to the decision that was made by the Student Academic Review Committee.

Suspension Appeals Form


Contact Information

Student Intervention Services

Please call the main line or email SIS with your questions about the MSU Denver academic standing policy


[email protected]

Main Phone:


Mailing Address:

Metropolitan State University of Denver
P.O. Box 173362
Box 71 – Academic Review Committee
Denver, CO 80217-3362


Jordan Student Success Building 170 (Window #2) See Auraria Campus Map

Associate Director for Advising Systems & Intervention Services

Kimberly Williams
[email protected]


Advising Systems Coordinator for Intervention Services

Patrick Wise
[email protected]