Please note: These download instructions only apply to the Windows and Mac versions of Read&Write. The Google Chrome version does not require any download.

  1. Enter your student email address in the Read&Write Download Request Form.
  2. Once you have submitted your email address, you should receive an email within a few minutes. Please contact us if you do not receive an email within an hour.
  3. The email will contain 2 links: One for Windows and one for Mac. Select the link that is most appropriate for your computer. For example, if you use a Windows laptop, you will select the link for Read&Write for Windows.
  4. You will be taken to a download page. Select the Download button to begin the download. Please note: depending on your device and/or internet speed, the download may take a while to download. It is highly recommended you begin the download when you are in a location where you can leave the download running as long as necessary to complete successfully.
    Download screen for Windows.
    Download screen for Mac.
  5. When the download has finished, use our Installation Guides to install the software.

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