Download a printable PDF version of these Accommodated Deadline Extension Guidelines

The purpose of this accommodation is to provide students the opportunity to demonstrate mastery of course knowledge and meet essential course requirements even when their disability limits their ability to complete and/or turn in work on time. This accommodation is intended to provide up to a 3-day extension on individual assignments, papers and projects. Extension accommodations may not be granted on assignments, papers or projects if the professor determines in consultation with Access Center staff that it would create a fundamental alteration to the course or disadvantages the learning process for other students in the class.

Students need to be aware of the following factors:

  • This accommodation is not intended to be used on a regular basis. If the student is continually behind in their assignments, they should meet with their Access Center coordinator to determine the best path moving forward.
  • If the student needs more than a 3-day extension on an assignment they must email their Access Center Accessibility Coordinator prior to the due date and explain why they need more than 3 days to complete the assignment. The Accessibility Coordinator will need to discuss this request with the professor before deciding if the request can be granted.
  • The University and individual faculty members are not required to waive essential or fundamental academic standards or elements of a course regardless of the nature of a student’s disability.
  • The student must notify the instructor, via email whenever possible, to identify the student’s need for an extension prior to the stated deadline (unless this is not physically possible due to circumstances such as hospitalization).
  • The accommodation is not intended to be applied retroactively. If a student waits to submit a request for the Access Center to notify their instructors of their approved accommodations until the mid-point or end of the semester, the Access Center expects that the instructor will only consider the accommodation from that point forward.
  • The accommodation of deadline extensions of course assignments only applies to situations where the need for the extension is related to the student’s disability symptoms. It is not intended to cover situations such as work conflicts, personal issues, travel, etc.
  • The accommodation is only intended to provide a time-limited extension up through the last day of classes.
  • Deadline extensions normally do not apply to online discussion board posts, group projects and exams. Please proactively contact your Access Center coordinator to discuss the need for an extension for any of these course requirements.

Faculty need to be aware of the following information:

  • Faculty who believe that providing this accommodation would create a fundamental alteration to the course or disadvantage the learning process for other students in the class should contact the student’s Access Center coordinator immediately to discuss, as faculty should never unilaterally deny an accommodation. Faculty will be expected to clearly articulate why an extension is not reasonable.
  • If your course syllabus indicates that the student is required to provide documentation for an extension on an assignment, the student’s Access Center Accommodation Notification Letter should serve as sufficient documentation.

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