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Benefits Information

VA Benefits Spring 2023

  • Undergraduate full-time rate for VA benefits is 12 credits from 1/17/2023 to 5/13/2023.
  • Graduate full-time rate is 6 credits from 1/17/2023 to 5/13/2023.
  • To qualify for full BAH you must be full time with at least one course on campus or the method of instruction is listed as hybrid.
  • Benefits are prorated when enrolled less than full time.
  • Post 9/11 requires enrollment of greater than half time to receive Monthly Housing Allowance.
  • Distance learning courses (online, correspondence, self-paced online) can affect Post 9/11 MHA. Contact us with questions.
  • Post 9/11 students need to submit a Certification Request no later than 1/17/2023 for spring 2023 to avoid service fees. Tuition does not need to be paid up front when a certification is submitted on time and you can disregard any notice about your balance unless you are less than 100% eligible for Post 9/11. 
  • Only courses that are required for your degree can be certified.
  • Review the important reminders section below.