MSU Denver

Over the next several years...

CUE facilitated a close working relationship between MSU Denver’s teacher-education program and nearly two dozen high-need elementary, middle and high schools in several Denver neighborhoods. When the federal grant ended in 2010, the groundwork had been laid for the next phase of CUE’s partnership with DPS: ensuring that young people and their families have access to a continuum of support – beginning in preschool – that extends beyond the school day and school building, and brings the university and its resources directly to their doorsteps.

In 2012, CUE was awarded a 21st Century Community Learning Center (21st CCLC) grant, in partnership with DPS’ Office of College and Career Readiness, to provide an array of after-school academic, enrichment and college-readiness programs at three high schools located in high-need Denver neighborhoods. In 2015, CUE was awarded an additional 21st CCLC grant to add four more schools to the program.