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Programs Offered through the Center for Urban Education

For over ten years, Metropolitan State University of Denver (MSU Denver) has proudly partnered with Denver area schools to bring after-school tutoring and enrichment programs to build students’ motivation to learn, participate, and advocate for their own educational success. Our program, offered through the Center for Urban Education, currently provides free programming for middle and high school students from the following DPS Schools:

  • Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Early College
  • Kunsmiller Creative Arts Academy

Our programs are currently offered virtuallyWe offer online “live” seminars and workshops, access to online “live tutoring sessions with MSU Denver students and home deliveries of supplies and materials to encourage participation 

  • Each day, afterschool, our University student mentor/tutors are online and available to provide homework help and academic support.  
  • Our faculty partners and staff provide participants with engaging, hands-on, activities via our virtual space. 
  • Our seminars and activities include: 
    • Cooking 
    • Healthy Living/Self Care 
    • STEAM 
    • College and Career Readiness 
  • For parents and family members, we are currently enrolling for our Spring 2021 English as a Second Language class online 
  • Support for English Language Learners available! 

MSU Denver’s Center for Urban Education (CUE) was established in 2010 as a partnership with Denver Public Schools (DPS) to ensure that young people and their families have access to a continuum of support – that extends beyond the school day and school building and brings the university and its resources directly to their doorsteps. 

For more information call us at 303-605-5813 or 303-615-1095

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Early College - Schedule of Activities

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Google Classroom Code: FR3UFJU

Kunsmiller Creative Arts Academy - Schedule of Activities

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Google Classroom Code: ALHP65Y