Mentoring Matters!

We know that participation in undergraduate research increases retention, persistence, and interest in pursuing advanced degrees for all students. Furthermore, students who participate in undergraduate research are more confident, feel more accomplished, are better communicators, have a deeper sense of belonging to the professional community and discipline, and are more likely to identify career goals.

Studies show that faculty who mentor undergraduate students in research report feelings of career satisfaction, renewed professional energy, and institutional commitment as well as greater research productivity.

Undergraduate Research Benefits Everyone

Benefits for Students

  • Advances cognitive and intellectual growth
  • Fosters professional growth and advancement
  • Promotes personal growth
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Benefits for Faculty

  • Enhances mentoring and teaching
  • Promotes/advances research, scholarly, and creative outcomes
  • Integrates scholarship and teaching
  • Increases job satisfaction and personal development
  • Brings diverse perspectives to research or creative scholarship

Benefits of Undergraduate Research to MSU Denver

Photos of students engaged in various research activities

  • Building a community of scholars
  • Increasing student recruitment and retention
  • Improving student learning through student-faculty mentoring relationships
  • Highlighting the importance of student and faculty innovation
  • Deepening relationships with alumni
  • Fostering innovation and connections across campus
  • Sharing a sense of purpose and achievement
  • Enriching MSU Denver’s curriculum
  • Providing opportunities to engage with the local community


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