The Dean of Students Office and Student Care Center Have New Offices!

For those of you who have been on campus before, you’ll notice a change in the locations of the Dean of Students Office and the Student Care Center after July 6th. The Dean of Students Office will now be found in Tivoli 343, and the Student Care Center in Tivoli 311. However, while our locations have changed, our services have not! Please read below to find out what services and information are available in each of these offices.

Dean of Students Office, Tivoli 343, 303-615-0220

  • Student Conduct Services
  • Student Conflict Resolution Services
  • Campus Safety and Compliance
  • Student Awards
  • Information about other student support services and programs

Student Care Center, Tivoli 311, 303-615-0006

  • The Student Emergency Fund and DREAMer Emergency Fund
  • The Roadrunner Food Pantry (located in Tivoli 262)
  • Non-clinical case management support
  • Assistance exploring community housing resources, short term emergency housing support, and public benefits assistance (SNAP+ Medicaid)
  • EPIC Scholars Program
  • MSU Denver HOPES Program
  • Information about additional resources and referrals (if needed)

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