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Online Degree in International Business

At MSU Denver our fully online International Business Concentration offers students seeking an online degree in international business to select a specific career path. The international business classes included in this concentration allow students to add an international component to the online business degree program of their choice. The international business concentration helps students prepare for an MBA in international business, a career in international  business administration, or learn details about the functions of global business. Whether you plan to pursue a graduate degree in international business or just want to work in the international business arena, this concentration will help you gain entry into international business positions around the globe.


Apply to Any Aligned Business Programs for the International Business Concentration

MSU Denver’s 100% online International Business Concentration is offered in conjunction with the following on-campus and online College of Business Programs:

Optionally, students who can attend courses on-campus can pursue a Minor in International Business.

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Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE)

The Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) is a program coordinated by the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education. Residents of western states may enroll in the WUE program for resident tuition if you do not already live in Colorado, but wish to study at a Colorado university.

For more information check out our WICHE WUE page.


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MSU Denver is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, the highest level of accreditation in the United States. Courses you complete online will appear on your transcript just as on-campus courses do, and the diploma you earn as an online student is identical to the diploma earned by MSU Denver campus-based students.

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*Price shown is for a typical 12-credit hours semester based on the FY21-22 tuition and fee table; exact price is $4082.09 for in-state tuition with the College Opportunity Fund College Opportunity Fund (COF) applied. Price shown does not include books & supplies, transportation, health insurance, room & board, fees for specialized courses and labs, and other expenses that may be a part of the cost of your education.

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Ranked by low student-to-teacher ratios, excellent financial aid packages and high graduation rates, MSU Denver provides the most bang for your buck.

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MSU Denver is regularly ranked as a top school for serving those who serve, with 1,207 current and former military members on campus.

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U.S. News & World Report has recognized MSU Denver for our innovative curriculum, faculty, students, campus life, technology and facilities.

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