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The Ombuds’ mission is to be your “go-to” university resource for resolving conflict informally, off-the-record, and for earning new communication skills and strategies for handling difficult conversations or situations. The Ombuds maintains Confidentiality*, Neutrality, Informality, and Independence in all situations (*some exceptions apply.) Explore the site to learn about how the Ombuds can be of service to you!


Open Office Hours     

Lunch & Learn Drop-In discussions &

Tips for Thriving in Our Amazing New World!

Wednesdays any time between 11:00 AM and 1:00 PM,


Bring your lunch or just stop by for a short snack-bite (OK, you’ll have to bring your own!) during the regularly scheduled open office hours, every Wednesday from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM.  You will find us discussing things like:

  • How to Not Go Insane While Working from Home!
  • How to Effectively Manage Your Time and Well-Being While Working from Home
  • Email Protocol Tips-- Curb the Conflict with the written word
  • Ideas for Improving Your Online Experience
  • Find Your Focus at Your Online Office
  • Got Any Pet Peeves You’d Like to Turn into Compassionate Concerns?

and other topics you’d like to discuss. 

And, if you would like to have a customized office-specific group discussion or facilitation, call or email the ombuds to discuss ideas. or 720-278-9746 work cell.


As always, you can contact the Ombuds for a private meeting where the ombuds will follow her Confidential, Impartial, Informal & Independent ethical guidelines. And if you can’t make Wednesday drop-ins, let me know what day and time you would prefer and we’ll look into setting another Drop-In time.


Save the link. It will be the same each week.


Join Microsoft Teams Meeting

+1 720-577-5242   United States, Denver (Toll)

Conference ID: 327 344 806#


Ombuds Office is Here for You

The Metropolitan State University of Denver Ombuds Office is a place where faculty, classified staff, administrators, student-employees and those external to the University, but who have business with Students walking on campusthe University, can come in (or phone) and talk in confidence and safety about their concerns.  The Ombuds provides an alternative channel of communications that is voluntary, informal, unbiased and confidential.   The Ombuds Office supports self-determination as well as collaborative conflict engagement in understanding University policies and procedures, developing suitable options and finding fair and equitable outcomes.

Why contact the Ombuds?

Faculty, classified staff, administrators, student employees and external visitors may come to the Ombuds Office for many different reasons.  Some may be reluctant to approach a formal channel.  Others simply may have tried other ways to address the issue without success.  Others still, may simply not know where to go or know the various options they have.  Whether the issue is a small problem, or a long-standing big issue, the Ombuds is here to help you.  Contact the Ombuds and we can talk together to find the best option and approach for you.

Philosophy of Conflict Engagement and Resolution

People with concerns should always make reasonable efforts to resolve differences informally together.  There is always a solution, thus the parties should search for fair and equitable solutions that both can agree to.  Although we recognize that conflict is often viewed with fear and is often avoided, this should not be the case. Conflict represents an opportunity to learn; to clarify, to understand, to change, to collaborate, to give up anger, to forgive, to rebuild relationships, to build new bridges, and to move forward into the future rather than looking backwards and living in the uncomfortable past.

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