The Colorado Center for Medical Laboratory Science (CCMLS), a program of Metropolitan State University of Denver has been in continuous operation within the Colorado healthcare community for over 50 years and maintains standards of excellence in both the education and competency development of medical laboratory professionals. Alumni of CCMLS comprise a significant portion of the Colorado laboratory work force and can also be found in positions of leadership as team leads, supervisors and managers. CCMLS graduates make critical contributions to the healthcare and well-being of the general public both within Colorado and nationally.


A Colorado Center for Medical Laboratory Science graduate will:

  • Always strive to meet the CCMLS Graduate Competencies during the performance of professional responsibilities
  • Competently perform, using knowledge of pre-analytical, analytical, and post-analytical criteria, a full range of laboratory testing in the nation’s clinical laboratory departments including the disciplines of microbiology, hematology, chemistry, immunohematology and molecular diagnostics.
  • Problem-solve, troubleshoot and interpret instrumentation and analytical data and use quality assurance principles when evaluating results to assure the accuracy of patient test parameters.
  • Perform career responsibilities with:
    • a professional orientation and ethical practices, including respect for the patient, other healthcare team members and the public at large;
    • an awareness of the need to protect patient confidentiality and safety;
    • the ability to perform effectively and with composure under high stress situations;
    • appropriate communications both orally and in writing which support team effectiveness and the accurate transfer of information;
    • a commitment to life-long learning and on-going professional development as important tenets for remaining current in the practice field of pursuit.
  • Enter the field…
    • with a foundation in administrative skills supported by knowledge of quality assurance, training and proficiency of laboratory personnel, basic fiscal management, regulatory issues, and the day-to-day activities necessary for the smooth operation of a laboratory section;
    • as informed consumers of research and the literature and knowledge of the field in the assessment and implementation of new testing platforms.


CCMLS Graduation and Retention Rates

The Colorado Center for Medical Laboratory Science maintains data on retention and graduation rates. Graduation rate is determined by comparing the number of students who enter the final semester of the professional program to the number who graduate. Retention rate is based on the number of students entering the professional program during the initial semester as compared to those that graduate.

CCMLS Graduation and Retention DataCCMLS Class Cohort Data


CCMLS Graduate Employment Placement

Currently, there is a national shortage of qualified medical laboratory practitioners.  Most graduates of the Colorado Center for Medical Laboratory Science find employment before graduation or within 6 weeks of graduation. Data regarding job placement is collected 3 months post-graduation. Job placement rates for the last five years are provided below.

CCMLS Graduate Employment DataGraduates Employed in Related Field


ASCP Board of Certification % Pass Rate

Graduates of the Colorado Center for Medical Laboratory Science sit for the Medical Laboratory Scientist exam offered through the ASCP Board of Certification.  Successful completion of the BOC exam assures eligibility for employment in clinical laboratories throughout the United States.  CCMLS graduates consistently perform above the national mean on this exam. The % pass rate for graduate cohorts for a 5 year period is provided below.

ASCP Certification Pass Rate Comparison DataASCP BOC % Pass Rate Comparison


The ASCP Board of Certification % Pass Rate for CCMLS students is shown graphically below compared to university based programs and nationally for all individuals who sat for the exam.

ASCP Certification Pass Rate Comparison Data illustrated in a bar graph.

ASCP BOC % Pass Rate Graphic Comparison

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