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JTOH Mentors


Journey Through Our Heritage mentors are dedicated Metropolitan State University work study students who offer high school and middle students the opportunity to engage in a wider range of community experiences. This allows  the exploration of knowledge and benefits that come from celebrating diversity and history. JTOH also participates in numerous community events and works with Non-Profit Organizations to create an inclusive community in Denver's Auraria Campus.

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Journey Through Our Heritage promotes self-empowerment. It develops leaders and engages students with community by increasing their cultural and historical knowledge base. This knowledge is gained through involvement in healthy competition, rigorous academic study and community service through the use of history, creative arts, language, and cultural arts.
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1. To implement indigenous values, traditions, and practices to support youth
through a rigorous interdisciplinary competition designed to challenge and inspire young minds.

2. To create a formal connection between Metropolitan State College students
with middle and high school students state wide.

3. To engage, collaborate and work with community by building relationships
with program administrators, community organizations, schools and potential partners who desire to participate in the program.

4. It is to embrace and promote diversity by broadening participating teacher’s ability to teach a more culturally inclusive curriculum.                                                                            

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