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Courageous Conversations- A Community Dialogue:

Racism, Systemic Injustice and Creating Change


Please join the JTOH Summer 2020  Courageous Conversation speaker series, sponsored by MSU Denver Journey Through Our Heritage and the Colorado Folk Arts Council.

Held on Tuesdays via Zoom from 3:30pm-4:15 pm., these conversations have been created to allow students and community members a forum to speak out about, explore, and examine the topic of systemic racism in America. The weekly Tuesday dialogue is intended to be a courageous and comforting space where participants can connect with others of like mind. These conversations will be facilitated by community guests who have been extensively involved in educating youth about racism and equality. 


Facing Racism in the US:  

Tina Shields Tina Gualt-Sheild was born and raised in the South Shore Community of Chicago Illinois. She is currently an educator for the Lewisville Independent School District in Dallas Texas as a Certified MTA (Dyslexia) Teacher and Substitute Teacher. As an educator her mission has always been to educate students on diversity through thought provoking measures. 




Ally ship and Small Acts:  

Michael Diaz Rivera, He attended Metropolitan State University of Denver majoring in Psychology with a minor in art and a focus on youth from “at-risk” conditions. At MSU Denver he was a member of the Journey Through Our Heritage Team for four years working as a mentor and youth outreach coordinator. Currently, he is an educator with Denver Public Schools.  


Intersectionality and Unapologetic Coalition Building: 

Micahel Diaz Rivera 




Garcelle Franklin as 

 A child in SC, Garcelle noticed the effect that teachers of color had in the classroom and was encouraged to pursue her passion of working with children. In Denver, she has served as a Truancy Counselor with AmeriCorps and as legislative aide with the Colorado State Senate. In Denver, she has served as a Truancy Counselor with AmeriCorps and as  legislative aide with the Colorado State Senate. She hopes to earn her Juris Doctorate in Human Rights and create a non-profit to focus on education and mental health in communities of color.



July 7-July 21, 2020  

 The Bigger Picture of Cultural Competency 

Marc Lytle is a graduate of CSU and a CASAE Alumni (Center for Applied Studies in American Ethnicity) and holds a master's degree from Regis University in Secondary Social Studies Education. Currently an award-winning teacher at the Ricardo Flores Magon Academy (Westminster, Co.) and a JTOH teacher sponsor (six years). He states, “We as teachers need to understand what the kids are going through and what is appropriate to them and their communities.”

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