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Student Clubs

Student Public Speaking at Bridge Bash?
The Human Services Education Organization (HSEO) is open to all Human Services students.  

Dr. Tricia Hudson-Matthews and Monica Simpson are the advisor. The current officers are: 

- President 
- V. P.
- Treasurer
- Secretary

The purpose of the organization is: 

  • to stimulate and encourage active student participation in matters affecting the education and general welfare of students and faculty within the Human Services Department

  • to provide a network for cooperation and communication among students, faculty, alumni, and individuals working in the field of Human Services

  • to serve all  students in their career development and placement by providing a forum for exchange of information

  • to promote volunteer work among students as a link to the community and as an educational experience

  • to promote and maintain the highest standards of ethics, integrity, honor, and conduct in the profession

Their membership application can be downloaded here: HSEO Membership Application??

You can find more information about HSEO on their Facebook page:


Tau Upsilon Alpha Honor Society is the honor society for the field of Human Services. The society was originally named the Alpha Delta Omega society, but transitioned in 2008 to Tau Upsilon Alpha. MSU Denver hosts the Iota chapter, which was founded in 1991 under the original name. The members represent excellence both in academics and commitment to the field. Dr. Tara Hammar is the faculty advisor. 


  • Human Services and Counseling major or minor
  • have completed a minimum of 45 credits with at least one semester at MSU Denver
  • minimum overall grade point average of 3.25 and 3.25 in Human Services courses 

The application process occurs in the Spring semester of each year. After being invited to apply (an electronic invitation is sent to eligible students), students must submit:

  1. An essay demonstrating excellence in Human Services and a commitment to work in the field
  2. A current Degree Progress report
  3. A one-time initiation fee of $50

The Current HSP TUA Officers are:

Lynda Gernhard- President

Aileen Alvarado- Vice President 

Tanya Gershmel - Treasurer 

Louie Pinkerton- Secretary


MSU Fire and Emergency Services Club 

In Spring of 2013, FESHE students at MSU Denver organized Logothe club, and their logo, that has been approved by the university and the group has already made a significant impact on the metropolitan Denver community.  Students in the Community Risk Reduction course organized an activity to provide a hands-on learning experience for residents of two apartment buildings. Most of the residents were refugees and few spoke English. The students, with faculty supervision, used fake blood to demonstrate how to stop bleeding and used mannequins to demonstrate CPR and then let the participants practice the techniques.  In the basement of one of the buildings, students donned full firefighter turnout gear so that the residents could see what a firefighter looks and sounds like under fire conditions. The residents (adults and children) were taught to "Get Low and Go" and crawled on the floor through a door and exited the building. Finally, small aluminum pans containing diesel fuel were set on fire. Students demonstrated the correct use of a fire extinguisher and the residents were able to have the opportunity to use a fire extinguisher to put out an actual fire.

Please reach out to Dr. Brian Bagwell if you are interested in joining this club.

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