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I’ve worked in the field for a long time. Can I portfolio out of a field experience class?


Students with at least two years of full-time human services experience in an area related to their concentration in the major may develop a portfolio showing evidence of prior learning in place of one Practicum course. All students must take Professional Internship (you cannot use a portfolio in place of internship). You must ask a faculty advisor to work with you before you begin the process and you must schedule a meeting with the field coordinator to apply for the portfolio options. The department policies for portfolio include the following:

HSP Practicum Portfolio Policies:

  • B- or higher in ENG 1010 and ENG 1020
  • Must complete the portfolio within 12 months of completing the faculty agreement form
  • Portfolios have the following deadlines:
    • November 1 for Spring
    • April 1 for Summer and Fall
  • The portfolio process (including faculty, department chair, and dean approval) must be completed prior to Internship registration

Additional Portfolio Policies

  • Students may only complete one portfolio course at a time
    • They can do more than one class just not at the same time
  • All portfolios follow the same deadlines as noted above (within 12 mo and ENG)
  • Any student wishing to complete a portfolio must have completed all general studies coursework

 To find out more about the general portfolio process, seek advising in the department from the field coordinator and contact:

Center for Individualized Learning
Administration Building, 3rd Floor

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