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Do I need a background check before starting field?


Each of you has a unique story, which draws you to the field of Human Services, and there are situations where that history may include arrests, convictions or jail/prison time. We strongly encourage you to consider running a Criminal History Check on yourself prior to the field courses ( It is very important, as you formulate your place in this field, that you are aware that many felonies or combinations of misdemeanors may make you unable to find employment.

Our high risk youth concentration is generally the most restrictive for individuals with criminal histories and most employers and field placements will require a background check. As such, please discuss your criminal history with the field coordinator and the Director of the Center for High Risk Youth (Annie Butler) to determine if your history may make you unlikely to find a career in the field. The earlier you have this conversation, the more likely it is that you will be able to make informed decisions about your course selections and career path.       

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