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Mental Health Counseling Concentration

The Mental Health Counseling concentration will prepare you for a broad range of entry-level positions in the field of human services including programs for homeless populations, domestic violence shelters, group homes, family support services, hospice and a wide array of agencies that provide behavioral health support to the community.

Students who want to be counselors are encouraged to continue their education at the graduate level upon graduation.

We award the Bachelor of Science in Human Services degree with a concentration in Mental Health Counseling with the completion of this curriculum:

Required classes for Degree Catalog Year Fall 2012 and beyond:


HSP 1010 Introduction to Human Services 3
HSP 2010 Intro to High Impact Nonprofit Organizations 3
HSP 2020 Small Group Dynamics: Theory and Experience 4
HSP 2030 Theory and Practice of Counseling 4
HSP 2040 Family Systems 4
HSP 2070 Pre-Field Placement Seminar 1
HSP 2080 Practicum 8
HSP 3330 Ethical and Legal Issues in the Helping Professions 3
HSP 3490 Multicultural Issues in Human Services 4
HSP 3710 Research Methods and Program Evaluation 4
HSP 4320 Psychopathology & the Mental Health Clinician 4
HSP 4790 Professional Internship (Senior Experience) 12
Choose one of the following:  
HSP 3070 Advanced Behavioral Analysis 3
HSP 4040 Cognitive Behavior Therapy 3
HSP 4360 Interpersonal Psychotherapy 3
HSP 3040 Brief Therapy for Couples 3
Choose one of the following Professional Leadership courses or request a list of classes offered by other departments that meet this requirement:  
HSP 3000 Community Change  3
HSP 3510 Development of Volunteer Programs 3
HSP 4660 Clinical Supervision in Human Services 3
Select nine credit hours of electives in Human Services 9
Total credits for Mental Health Counseling concentration 69


A grade of “C” or better is required for each course in this program to count toward the bachelor’s degree.

Note: If you are on a catalog year prior to 2012, your required coursework will be different than the information presented here. See a department advisor to review a degree progress report to verify which classes you need to complete the program.

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