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Responsibilities At The Agency


What sort of work will I be asked to do while I’m working at my agency?

Students must be aware of liability risks and safety procedures. There are a variety of appropriate learning activities that students can participate in while at an agency.


  • Shadow professionals in one-on-one sessions with clients and in groups and in other professional settings
  • Co-facilitate groups with a qualified professional staff member
  • Facilitate educational groups with supervision from a professional staff member
  • Participate in staff meetings and training opportunities
  • Conduct intakes after proper training
  • Write chart notes and complete other agency documentation after proper training
  • Enter client documentation and other data into computer systems
  • Assist with grant writing, fundraising, volunteer coordination, and event planning

Is there anything I CANNOT do while I’m working at my placement?

The following activities may NOT be performed by a student (an exception can be made for students who are paid employees of an agency and are performing the activity as part of the normal work expectation for that position and who have received training that supports safety for the student, staff, and clients):

  • Drive clients
  • Provide individual psychotherapy for a client
  • Lead psychotherapy groups without a qualified therapist present
  • Open or close an agency by him/herself
  • Restrain clients without proper training and supervision
  • Be left in charge of the agency without a qualified supervisor present
  • Have a case load of clients without appropriate supervision

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