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Understanding Your Degree Catalog

Once you’ve chosen the degree you’re going to pursue, it’s important to refer to your degree catalog, which will help you determine the classes you will need in order to graduate. The degree catalog is typically based on the semester you began classes at MSU Denver and referred to as your “degree catalog year.” Each degree catalog covers an entire other words, the Fall, Spring, and Summer semester of one year all fall under the same degree catalog. It’s important to note:

  • As long as you are continuously enrolled at MSU Denver, you will retain the same degree catalog year.
  • If you take three or more semesters in a row off from school, you will be governed by the curriculum in the degree catalog in effect when you return.
  • Students who transfer from an accredited Colorado community college may be eligible to select a degree catalog from up to three years prior to their first semester at MSU Denver.

If you have any questions, or need assistance determining your degree catalog year, please be sure to see a department advisor.

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