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CAC - At the Learning Lab

A Nondegree Seeking Option for a (CAC) Certified Addictions Counselor

Nondegree Seeking CAC curriculum prepares those who do not want to pursue a bachelor’s degree in the Human Services Addictions concentration. This Nondegree Seeking option offers addiction-counseling curriculum that meets Colorado State requirements to apply to become a Certified Addictions Counselor. This coursework also provides the legal rules and regulations information necessary to pass the required jurisprudence exam to qualify for CAC credentialing. Courses are designed around addiction counseling treatment methods and techniques to effectively intervene in various addiction behaviors and application skills to work in a variety of treatment settings. 

Note: Classes are open to anyone interested in learning about addiction treatment.

Dr. Tricia Hudson-Matthew is the main advisor for this program.

There are no classes scheduled at this time.

Information about classes:

The following classes will be offered as part of the nondegree seeking CAC curriculum:

Motivational Interviewing

Addiction Skills

Client Record Management

Principles of Addiction Treatment

Infectious Diseases in Addiction Treatment

Culturally Informed Treatment

Professional Ethics


There are no classes scheduled at this time.

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