Nominations are being accepted for the 2023 Roadrunners Who Soar Awards and the Team Roadrunner Awards. These awards honor and celebrate outstanding individual employees and leaders as well as cohesive and high-performing teams. 

Employees are encouraged to nominate their extraordinary colleagues for either an individual Soar Award or a Team Roadrunner Award by Dec. 2.  

Soar Awards  

The Soar Awards recognize individual employees who are living MSU Denver’s CADRE values, supporting student success and serving as ambassadors for the University in the larger population. All employees — including faculty members, staff members, administrators, hourly employees and student employees — are eligible to be nominated for this recognition. 

Nominees should: 

  • Live and model the CADRE values of Community, Access, Diversity, Respect and Excellence. 
  • Impact student and/or employee success positively. 
  • Be high performers who have a significant impact on the success of their teams, offices and departments. 
  • Be excellent ambassadors for MSU Denver. 
  • Be actively involved and engaged in the broader Denver population and its betterment. 

Nominators must outline how nominees are modeling each CADRE value, and nominators are encouraged to use specific examples of the employee’s work, efforts, accomplishments, innovations and other reflections of the employee’s value, commitment and quality. 

Team Roadrunner Awards 

This award seeks to honor teams that exemplify effective and equitable working dynamics. Nominated teams should foster positive professional environments where all members feel appreciated and valued for their work and individual contributions. These teams should model collaboration and mutual accountability, creating spaces in which all members have opportunities to innovate and shine on behalf of the University’s mission and student success. 


  • Nominees must demonstrate effective team dynamics 
  • Nominees must live and model the MSU Denver CADRE values. 
  • Nominees must be high-performing and have significant impact on advancing the University’s mission. 
  • Nominees must impact student and/or employee success positively, directly or indirectly. 

Nominators must outline how teams model each CADRE value and are encouraged to use specific examples of the team’s work, efforts, accomplishments, innovations and other reflections of the team’s value, commitment and quality.  

More information

Honorees for all awards (and their nominators) will receive invitations to the Roadrunners Who Soar event in spring, where awardees will be recognized among their peers and colleagues. The event will also include a number of other department- and office-level faculty and staff awards. More nomination information for those awards will be available soon. 

Stay tuned to the Early Bird for details or visit the Roadrunners Who Soar webpage.