In partnership with the Auraria Higher Education Center and the Auraria Campus Police Department, MSU Denver is constantly working to protect and inform our campus community about crime prevention and safety.

On June 1, Metropolitan State University of Denver made access-control changes to the exterior doors of several MSU Denver-owned buildings to enhance security during the less-dense summer months.  

This topic is slated for discussion at the upcoming Auraria Executives Council meeting on June 21, and in the coming weeks a comprehensive review of Auraria Campus building access will take place with the goal of enhancing the well-being of our students, employees and guests, while ensuring that all constituents have efficient access to the spaces they need to work and learn. We hope to make building access changes as soon as is possible from an operations perspective and as is responsible from a change management perspective.

Ensure that you have a functioning badge 

The most important step employees and students can take is to ensure that you have a functioning MSU Denver badge with accurate access. Your badge should be with you at all times when you are on campus.

How can I obtain or update my MSU Denver ID/badge? 

Visit the AHEC badging webpage for more details.

How can I ensure that I have access to MSU Denver and shared buildings? 

Visit the AHEC Access Control webpage and read the FAQ section of the MSU Denver Facilities website. 

Safety and awareness tips 

Check out the ACPD’s top 10 safety recommendations as well as helpful videos and resources related to emergency preparedness, emergency notifications, reporting suspicious activity and more. 

Also, remember that campus community members are never expected to intervene in a potential safety or security situation. However, if you encounter any person or activity in your space that doesn’t align with regular operations or planned construction activities, please contact the ACPD to report building-security concerns: 

  • Emergency dispatch: 303-556-5000 
  • Emergency from a campus phone: 911 
  • Text-a-Tip: 720-593-TIPS (8477) 
  • Campus Information Hotline: 1-877-556-EMER (3637) 
  • For general questions, see the ACPD’s contact information. 

Other ways to support campus safety: 

  • While the impulse to hold open doors for others is admirable, please do so only for people you know to be students or employees. 
  • Rely on the University’s official communication channels and share only verified information. 
  • The Early Bird, the MSU Denver Office of Facilities webpage and the AHEC website will remain the official communication channels regarding campus safety, construction and operations. If you encounter information that has not been verified or shared through these channels, please follow up with questions so we can ensure accuracy. 
  • If you have suggestions for improving campus safety and security, please share them via the President’s Idea Catcher.