Metropolitan State University of Denver Department of Facilities introduced a new Furniture Exchange program to help faculty and staff members reduce waste in May and has already had 24 items claimed on the site.

Instead of throwing out unwanted furniture while other departments are buying brand-new, there is now a SharePoint platform where faculty and staff members can list or request office-furniture items. The platform will be monitored by the Facilities Department, which will transfer those items from one location to another.  

Listing an item 

Movable items such as chairs, shelves, desks, etc., that are still operational can be posted on the Furniture Exchange. Items should include a title, description, location and time limit for the item (max time limit is 30 days). Once the item is requested by another user, the Facilities Department will be notified, and the department will evaluate the request and establish a date and time to transfer the item. If the item expires, it can be relisted or the user can contact the Auraria Higher Education Center to permanently remove and dispose of the item. 

Requesting an item 

Once a user sees a listed item, they can easily request it with a simple click. The request form will ask for a few details, including email, room location and preferred date of transfer. The Facilities Department will contact the recipient to discuss details and schedule a delivery.  

What is acceptable to post? 

  • Condition
    • The Facilities Department requests that users post only items that are usable and operational and have only minor problems.
  • Size
    • The Facilities Department can assist in transferring only regular office materials. Exceptionally large or heavy items are likely outside of the department’s capacity. In this instance, if the item still needs to be removed, contact the Facilities Department to discuss other options. 
  • Type
    • The Facilities Department asks that only items such as chairs, desks, shelves, storage or other office supplies be listed. Please contact the department specifically with any questions about what is and is not acceptable.