MSU Denver


Welcome back! To help you prepare for the new semester, Metropolitan State University of Denver’s Information Technology Services would like to provide a technology checklist that faculty and staff members can run through before classes begin. 

  • Update your Office 365 multifactor authentication (MFA) and account-recovery settings. If you got a new mobile device over the holiday break or if you changed phone numbers or email addresses, you should add that information to your Office 365 profile. Remember, you’ll be prompted for a second authentication factor whenever logging in on non-MSU Denver networks, so it’s important to keep your MFA information up to date. For instructions, please see How do I change my Office 365 MFA/account-recovery options? 
  • Update your University-issued computer. If you haven’t been using your University-issued computer over the break, it may have monthly system or software updates to run. You will be notified of any required updates shortly after you log in, and you can check your computer’s asset-management tool for any recommended updates. 
  • Verify that you can log in to your University phone and voicemail. It’s a good idea to refresh yourself on accessing your MSU Denver phone and voicemail, especially if you don’t use them often. The ITS Knowledge Base has several articles related to the MSU Denver phone system, including instructions for accessing your phone remotely and for resetting your phone and voicemail PINs if you’ve forgotten them. 
  • Check for necessary software and equipment in your classrooms. You should check your classrooms and other learning environments to ensure that they have all the software and equipment you need. If necessary software is missing and can’t be installed through the computer’s asset-management tool, or if you need to request or check out equipment, please contact the ITS Service Desk at 303-352-7548 or submit a service request through the ITS support portal. For immediate tech support in a classroom or other learning environment, please call the phone number posted in the room. 
  • Know where to go for knowledge and support. MSU Denver uses a variety of tools and services as part of its mission to provide high-quality, accessible, enriching education for its students. With the recent launch of Workday, it’s more important than ever for employees to know where to go if they need support for these services. 

Resources and Support

  • Workday
    • MSU Denver’s official Workday launch website,, has lots of information about the new service and its implementation project and acts as a hub connecting the University’s Workday resources in one place. 
    • The Workday Transformation Team hosts a wide range of content for general users and specific departments. 
    • Workday Launch Support is a collaborative team of Human Resources, Finance, Payroll and ITS staff available to help employees with any Workday system issues. 
  • Canvas
    • The ITS Knowledge Base contains several articles for faculty and staff members (as well as for students) on the basics of using Canvas in the MSU Denver technology environment. 
    • The Center for Teaching, Learning and Design maintains a large variety of step-by-step tutorials and best-practice documents for getting the most out of Canvas on the Ready website, 
    • For help with course design for effective teaching and learning, please contact the Center for Teaching, Learning and Design. 
    • For Canvas technical support, please contact Canvas Support (1-877-433-5878) or the ITS Service Desk (303-352-7548). 
  • Information Technology 
    • The ITS Service Catalog provides details on the services ITS provides, as well as giving you a way to submit requests for these services through simple online forms. 
    • The ITS KnowledgeBase is a collection of how-to articles and general information to help you find answers and solutions. 
    • As always, you can request technical support for University systems at the IT Services Support Portal,, or by calling the ITS Service Desk at 303-352-7548.