Rowdy the mascot networkingThe largest career event on campus is coming March 6, featuring 60 employers from across the region offering internships and part-time and full-time opportunities for students regardless of where they are in their academic and career-development journey. 

Hosted by the Classroom to Career Hub, the Spring Job and Internship Fair is a tangible resource employees can promote during classes and advising sessions to help students find jobs and experiential learning opportunities related to their area of study.   

Why faculty and staff members should attend 

Community partners wish to establish more talent pipelines and partnerships with Metropolitan State University of Denver and to engage talented students. Faculty and staff members are invited to attend the event to network with employers and potential partners to help establish connections that may lead to new opportunities for students and University programs alike. 

The retention connection 

The resources, networking and career connections that the C2 Hub provides have translated to a higher overall student retention rate, which means engaging with programs like this helps support degree completion. 

How faculty and staff members can support students exploring careers  

Share the event  

Distribute details via email, posting a flyer, including them on Canvas or mentioning them during a class presentation. Find promotional resource materials and a list of the recruiting organizations attending. 

Offer extra credit to students who attend 

To verify attendance, request to see the survey email they’ll receive upon check-in or request verification by emailing [email protected]. 

Offer participation credit for attending  

Students’ schedules may not otherwise allow them to attend, and they may fear losing participation credit. Allowing some time for them during class could make a big difference.  

Help build students’ job-search confidence  

Even if students aren’t ready to secure a position, attending job fairs helps them practice networking skills and explore employment and experiential learning possibilities. 

Check out what the C2 Hub provides for faculty members and employers across the community. 

Event details  

Spring Job and Internship Fair
March 6
10 a.m.-2 p.m. 
Tivoli Turnhalle