Metropolitan State University of Denver in January will implement Workday, a comprehensive human-resources and financial-management system that will replace the current Banner system. The new system will simplify, transform and streamline business processes, maximizing productivity and employee satisfaction. 

Here are two processes that will benefit from the transition to Workday.  

Goodbye to ePAF

In Workday, submitting and tracking personnel changes will be easier than ever. The Electronic Personnel Action Form (ePAF) is going away when Workday is implemented and will be replaced with a more straightforward personnel request process, cutting out the middleman and the amount of time it takes to make any given change. With just a few clicks and data entries, employees will be able to directly enter the change requested, upload the documents needed for verification, submit and initiate. Workday will handle the rest. 

For instance, if you need to fill a vacant position on your team, the job posting, recruitment, hiring and onboarding processes will all be managed in one system. And requesting changes for additional pay or supervisor changes will be a snap. By sunsetting our current ePAF process, employees will see changes posted quicker and have minimal impact when accessing timesheets and day-to-day tasks.

The Workday Career App

Employees will no longer have to rely on internal job-posting emails to learn about internal job opportunities. Within the Workday application, there will be a Career App where employees will be able to easily search and apply for internal jobs. And Workday will auto-populate the job application with your basic employee information.  

The Workday Career App will further simplify the job-application process with its ability to quickly retrieve relevant employee data from one place, including work history, learning information and other job details needed to complete the process, all in much less time than before. With the new Workday Career App, hiring managers will have to only upload their posting once and be able to specify whether the job posting should be posted on the external or internal site (or both). Searching and applying for a job will be so much easier and quicker than ever.  

These are just two of the processes that will be streamlined with the transition to Workday — there are many more. Keep tuning in to the Early Bird to learn about other processes that will be updated, and for more Workday project information, visit the Workday webpage