A comprehensive internal report on Metropolitan State University of Denver’s Workday implementation process will be available before the end of the semester. The report is the result of months of work completed by the internal Workday Retrospective Project Team and professionals from consulting firm Continuum to understand how the Workday implementation impacted employees, efficiency and operations. 

Internal report  

The Workday implementation review process specifically aimed to:  

  • Capture feedback on implementation, including challenges and successes. 
  • Offer recommendations and considerations for action planning and continuous improvement.  
  • Measure alignment on the original intention, design, plan and expected outcomes of the Workday implementation.  
  • Identify what went well during implementation and can/should be replicated.   
  • Identify what could have been done better or differently.  

The initial internal report will present themes and findings gleaned through feedback provided by more than 600 employees through their participation in a digital survey, one-on-one interviews and in-person focus groups.   

Continuum reviewed all insights and perspectives to assess successes and areas for celebration and to identify how future large-scale projects might be improved. Continuum will also include data and feedback gathered in an action-and-accountability plan that will likely be shared with the University community in April. 

External report 

In addition to an internal report, an external report will be developed this year to serve as a resource for other institutions that are conducting similar enterprise-level implementations. Data and findings will also be integrated into future process-improvement initiatives.  

Learn more   

To read more about Workday and the implementation process, please visit the University’s dedicated Workday webpage. Watch the page for more updates on the Workday Retrospective Project.