Dear Roadrunners,  

TornadoOne of the things I most appreciated when I moved to Colorado from Washington, D.C., was the weather. While Denver’s proximity to the foothills and mountains makes tornadoes here less common than they are on the Eastern Plains, they have happened. Additionally, with climate change affecting weather patterns across the country, we can’t presume that MSU Denver is safe from severe storms.

Complete your tornado-safety to-do list  

MSU Denver has made a concerted effort to prepare Roadrunners for severe weather threats. As we enter tornado season, consider in advance your safety at work, in transit, at home, etc., and prepare accordingly. Our buildings are all different, and with different levels of occupancy, so thinking ahead now for the folks in your office is prudent. 

Start by visiting the Department of Facilities website and navigating to the Emergency Preparedness page. The “Are you prepared?” section offers information on emergency procedures and a downloadable Departmental Emergency Procedures Plan template 

If you would like assistance with developing your Departmental Emergency Procedures Plan, please contact the emergency-preparedness manager at 303-913-5555. 

If a tornado touches down in the campus area: 

  • Go to the lowest level of the building to which you have access. 
  • Seek shelter in an interior room without windows.  
  • Avoid rooms that are exposed to the outside.  
  • Listen for reports on television and radio stations.  
  • Avoid auditoriums, gymnasiums, cafeterias and other areas with large, free-span roofs.

Is your office missing a package? 

Distribution Services has a growing pile of packages that are undeliverable due to the senders not providing a recipient name, institution or building. Distribution Services will hold the packages until April 28. After that time, the packages will be returned to their senders. 

If you are missing a package: 

  • Contact Cheryl Gallegos, Distribution Services manager, with your tracking number at 303-556-3265 or [email protected]. 
  • Visit the Distribution Services Department in the Administration Building, 1201 5th St., Room 175, with your tracking number to locate your package. 

Spots available at the Auraria Campus Early Learning Center 

The Auraria Campus’ Early Learning Center is taking applications for enrollment in the Summer Semester, which begins May 30. Applications will be accepted through Monday, May 1, and families will be notified of their acceptance May 10.  

Active Harmer Training preparedness 

AHEC is hosting an Active Harmer Training provided by the Auraria Police Department on April 26 from 9 a.m.-10:30 a.m. The goal of the training is to provide you with enough information to feel prepared in the unlikely event of an active-harmer event on campus. Anyone who would like more information or to participate in the training can sign up here. There is limited availability, but there will also be opportunities to participate in future trainings.

Thank you again for staying up to date on all the exciting things happening at MSU Denver.      


Larry Sampler, chief operating officer, vice president for Administration