Dear Roadrunners, 

Fall break for employees is almost here. Just in case you forgot, Metropolitan State University of Denver reallocated the July 3 special holiday granted by Gov. Jared Polis to avoid disruption to class schedules. This means employees can enjoy an extended break beginning Wednesday. The University will resume normal services and business hours Monday.    

Campus and building access

Should you need to access campus over the fall break, be aware that MSU Denver buildings will be locked beginning Wednesday morning and Auraria Higher Education Center-owned buildings, the Tivoli Student Union and the Auraria Library will be locked beginning Thursday.  

Unless employees have special after-hours permissions, they will not be able to access the buildings. Auraria Campus Police Department staff members will remain on campus during the break. 

As a reminder, should MSU Denver employees need to access the Jordan Student Success Building on Wednesday, the main staircase will not be accessible as it undergoes glass repair. See the Facilities Alert for details. 

Winter-weather and campus-closure awareness 

While Denver weather looks mild for the next couple of days, snow is in the forecast. It’s a good time to refresh yourself on weather-related campus-closure policies and severe-weather procedures 

AHEC has been certified as StormReady by the National Weather Service and uses NWS technology to help determine snowfall as accurately as possible. Beginning up to two days before winter storms are anticipated, the Auraria Executives Council, facilities-team members and other key AHEC and tri-institutional representatives review updates from the AHEC Weather Team and collaboratively determine the best response to ensure the safety of the campus community.  

Actions could include snow removal and de-icing across the 150-acre campus, a delayed start, an early closure or a full campus closure.  

On a high level:

  • A delayed start is discussed when accumulation totals are expected to reach at least 6 inches and it’s not safe to operate snow machinery with students, faculty and staff on campus. 
  • A complete closure is considered when accumulation reaches 8 inches. Closure talks begin because snow removal is more efficient with an empty campus. 
  • An early closure is discussed when the late-afternoon/evening commute will be greatly affected by incoming weather, potentially making it unsafe for members of our community to depart campus in the evening. 

Leaders and key team members also consult a decision flowchart and checklist that considers potential impacts to on-campus infrastructure as well as the urban corridor, commuter safety, Regional Transportation District operations, K-12 school operations, on-campus events and more. 

Finally, outdoor temperature and wind chill are also considered to avoid potential frostbite and exposure issues. 

To stay safe while the Auraria Campus experiences winter weather conditions: 

  • Wear rubber-soled snow boots (avoid athletic shoes). 
  • Pay attention to where you’re walking. 
  • Don’t be distracted by mobile devices. 
  • Do not ride scooters on campus. 
  • Dismount your bicycle and walk it across campus. 
  • Allow yourself more time to safely get to where you’re going. 
  • Look for the sheen on black ice. 

If you spot black ice, please report the location to: 

Main Number
7:30 a.m.-5p.m.| Monday-Friday

After Hours Emergency
5 p.m.-7:30 a.m.| Monday-Friday (all holidays and weekends)

Have a pest-free holiday

In this season of holiday celebrations, having extra food in the office means you might attract unwanted guests. To avoid pest problems, any food — even wrapped candy, sugar packets or refrigerated food — should be stored in hard-sided, sealed containers, as pests can easily chew through plastic bags and wrappers.  

In anticipation of fall break, please: 

  • Clean out fridges and remove all food before the break. 
  • Close doors to your space and ensure that your belongings are in locked drawers or cabinets when you leave.  
  • Turn off and disconnect all electronic items, including computers. 
  • Wipe down your desk.  
  • If you have plants in your office, prevent water from sitting in the base overnight, as standing water attracts pests.  
  • If you have an allowable service animal on campus, empty their food and water bowls each night and pick up any remnants of food or treats.  

If you encounter an issue requiring Facilities support, please contact AHEC Facilities at 303-556-3260 (during business hours) or the Auraria Campus Police Department (after business hours) at 303-556-5000. If you encounter a safety or security issue, please contact the Auraria Campus Police Department at 303-556-5000.


Larry Sampler  
Vice president for Administration, Finance and Facilities and chief operating officer