Brief Description

Approved By: MSU Denver President

Purpose: MSU Denver is committed to protecting the health and safety of the University community, as well as to accommodating scheduled University activities, which may include but are not limited to: classes, labs, study sessions, rehearsals, events, and sports practices. This policy provides guidance to MSU Denver students, employees, and other community members when severe weather or another emergency necessitates a campus closure. This policy also provides guidance on situations when the University is closed for business and the campus is open. Guidance on remote operations when campus is closed is also included in this policy.

Scope: This policy applies to MSU Denver students, employees (including student employees, faculty, affiliate faculty, and staff), tenants, businesses, and visitors. This policy provides guidance on Auraria Higher Education Center and University-wide closure and applies to all academic and administrative units, including MSU Denver colleges, departments, programs, and administrative offices operating on the Auraria Higher Education Center. This policy does not apply to individual building or office closures or to external sites. Any program-specific policies should not directly conflict with the University-wide policy, and in the case of a conflict, the University-wide policy shall supersede any other internal processes. MSU Denver students and employees who participate in off-site, external, experiential-learning or instruction programs should follow the policies outlined by the external entity.


  • Director of Operations and Maintenance Sharon Lorince, 303-605-7321, [email protected]
  • Associate Vice President of Curriculum, Academic Effectiveness, and Policy Development Shaun Schafer, 303-615-5275, [email protected]
  • Associate Vice President of Human Resources Stacy Dversgdal, 303-605-7218, [email protected]
  • Associate Vice President of Strategic Communications Andrea Smith, 303-877-6592, [email protected]

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University Closure Policy