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The purpose of this Council is to provide recommendations and ideas for consideration to the President's Cabinet. The Council's charge is to address the University's high-level challenges regarding MSU Denver's internal culture and workplace. The Council's work should be focused on identifying issues and developing recommendations to improve the employee experience and aid the university in attracting and retaining a diverse and highly qualified workforce, to include: compensation/benefits, onboarding/orientation, employee engagement, employee awards and recognition, career progression and professional development for faculty and staff.

The Council may consider questions, problems and issues that that arise from the President, President's Cabinet, Campus Climate Survey, employee or other governance groups, strategic planning priorities, and other sources related to culture and the workplace.

The PACCW is divided into four sub-committees:

We are part of the Career Progression subcommittee working alongside Human Resources (HR) to make sure there is fairness and equity for faculty and staff in career development and opportunities for career progression. We have already made significant progress this semester with HR starting to look at how to improve employees’ salary structure. For more information please take a moment to visit the websites below:

Chairs: Lucinda Conde and Lori McKinney

This sub-committee will explore and promote opportunities to come together under shared interests and/or goals while focusing on happiness, wellness and recognition.

For more information visit the tab on the left.

Chairs: Diane Yee and Liz Wellington

The Leadership Development subcommittee for the President’s Advisory Council on Culture and Workplace (PACCW) focuses on supporting and promoting the growth of all MSU Denver employees. Recognizing that not all employees are supervisors, but that all employees are leaders on various levels, the Learning & Development (L&D) Team, located within Human Resources, is transitioning from a supervisor training to a leadership training program. To effectively enhance the work experience of all employees and support all employees, the L&D office has put together a team to review best practices in leadership training and how it congruently fits with the values of MSU Denver. 

Chairs: Amber Mozet and Rob Ingle

Next Step: Follow Up with HR to complete execution of previous recommendations.


Chairs: Erin Hiltner and Sarah Hunsinger

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