Council of Chairs and Directors Committee Representatives (2022-23)

University Planning and Budget Advisory Council (UPBAC)

  • Andrew Bonham
  • Deanne Pytlinski

Andrew and Deanne will provide regular post meeting updates to Greg Clifton as the main Executive Committee member contact. Andrew will represent CoCD by serving as our voting member and seek feedback from EC or all CoCD as needed.

Faculty Handbook Committee

  • Adrianna Nieto
  • Jacob Welch

University Policy Advisory Committee

  • Jacob Welch

Faculty Senate Academic Policies Committee

  • Chris Jennings

Data Integrity Governance Team (DIGiT)

  • Andrew Bonham

Faculty Diversity Task Force

  • Katia Campbell

Transfer Pathways Committee

  • Vacant

Veteran Military Advisory Council

  • Rachel Sinley
  • Eric Olsen
  • Chris Jennings

Graduate Council CoCD Representative

  • Andreas Mueller