Purposes of the Council of Chairs and Directors

  • To foster the individual and collective effectiveness of the Chairs, School and Institute Directors in the performance of their duties
  • To provide the Administration of the University, prompt and accurate information about the needs, problems and viewpoints of Chairs and Directors
  • To provide Chairs and Directors with the opportunity for professional growth and development and for increased knowledge of the issues relevant to their roles as Chairs and Directors
  • To promote and protect the welfare, safety, and satisfaction of the Chairs and Directors


The COCD includes the Chairs of each academic department in a MSU Denver College or School – whether freestanding or as part of a College: in addition, COCD includes department chairs of any College based School or director of any academic institute at MSU Denver.

Executive Committee and Contacts


Jess RetrumPresident (Social Work, College of Health and Human Sciences rep) [email protected]

Eric OlsonVice President (Rita & Navin Dimond Department of Hotel Management, School of Hospitality rep) [email protected]

Lisa BadanesSecretary (Psychological Sciences, CLAS, Division of Math & Science rep) [email protected]


Steven Beaty (Computer Science, College of Aerospace, Computing, Engineering and Design rep) [email protected]

Greg Clifton (Accounting, College of Business rep) [email protected]

Adriana Nieto (Chicana/o Studies, CLAS, Division of Humanities & Social Sciences rep) [email protected]

Corey Sell (Elementary Education, School of Education rep) [email protected]

Jacob Welch (Theatre and Dance, CLAS Division of Fine and Performing Arts rep) [email protected]