MSU Denver

General Information for Students

So, I’ve been contacted by the CARE Team and/or someone told me that they were filing a CARE referral about me… what does this mean?

If you’ve been contacted by the CARE Team it means that someone is concerned about you and the University wants to learn more about what’s going on so that we can help support you and/or the individuals who have concerns. If you have received a request to meet with a member of the CARE Team you should respond right away, as directed in the communication you receive. Additionally, know that CARE Team representatives are University officials.  As such, when a meeting is requested, you are expected to comply with this request, as articulated in the Student Code of Conduct, and as courtesy to the person inviting you to meet.  Whether it is a matter of talking through a particular situation and sharing relevant context, or determining the best way to help you through a challenging situation, meeting with the CARE Team representative will be an important early step so that we can understand you and your situation.

We understand that it may be unsettling to know that others have concerns about your behavior. We want to explore that with you and talk about why the concerns may have been brought to the attention of the CARE Team.  Keep in mind that someone notified the CARE Team because they are concerned about you and want to help.  Any meeting with a representative of the CARE Team will begin with a conversation about the information that has been shared with us.  We will want to understand your perspective and context too.  Likewise, please know that all CARE reports and related communication are private and secure, per FERPA guidelines.

I’m concerned about a fellow student, what should I do?

If you have concerns about a classmate, friend, or peer who is a MSU Denver student you might want to file a CARE Referral. Keep in mind that it is better to err on the side of sharing information so that professionals can assess the situation and determine how to best proceed.

For example, please file a CARE Referral if:

  • You observe or overhear something in class or on campus that is troubling;
  • A friend or classmate shares that he/she is in a tough spot and you think that person may benefit from assistance;
  • You have noticed a significant change in the behavior of another student (for example, someone who was generally upbeat and engaged is now seemingly down and/or withdrawn); or
  • You have any reason to believe that a fellow student may be harmful to self and/or others. NOTE: for an emergency situation in which harm is imminent, immediately contact the Auraria Police by dialing 911 from any campus phone or 303.556.5000 from a cell phone.