Workday Report Access

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Adaptive Insights & OfficeConnect

Adaptive Insights is a budgeting system that is used by the Budget Office and campus for analysis and budget planning purposes. Every morning the system pulls current budget and actuals data from Workday to be available for analysis and reporting and for reference in identifying the budget for the coming fiscal year.

Office Connect is an Excel Add-In program that is available to Adaptive users to design their own reports with custom layouts. These reports can be refreshed on demand with current information as of that day. To request access to Office Connect, please submit a permissions request ticket.

Live Updates

October 24, 2023: Budget vs Actual reports (Workday & Adaptive)

We are currently working on an issue that affects the revenue amounts for Summer Tuition deferral entries. This may cause Summer Tuition revenues to be off in these reports. We are also working to reconcile differences in the actuals between Workday and Adaptive. Until these issues are resolved, the best source for actuals is to use ending balance column in the Trial Balance – Composite report. Please see use this link for further instructions.

October 24, 2023: Fund Balance Summary Report

This report is being modified to include information by cost center for general fund departments. It can be used in its current state to determine the current fund balance for auxiliaries.

October 24, 2023: Beginning Fund Balance for Projects

Due to problems with the Fund Balance Summary report, the budget entries for the beginning fund balance for projects have been delayed. Alternative methods will be used to load begin fund balances as soon as possible.