Biology Major/Minor Advising Sheets

Biology Major - B.S.

Biology Major - B.A.

Biology, B.A. with Secondary Science Teacher Licensure Concentration

Biology Minor

Career Pathway Sheets

The Career Pathway Sheets are meant as a guide to inform students of the requirements necessary to pursue a career in the following areas. To be clear, MSU Denver does not offer graduate programs in these areas (ie. medical school). What we do offer are undergraduate degrees designed to prepare students for a variety of careers in the biological sciences, including those fields that require graduate-level study.

Pre-Med (M.D.)

Pre-Med (D.O.)

Pre-Physician Assistant

Pre-Nursing (Traditional)

Pre-Nursing (Accelerated)


Pre-Physical Therapy

Pre-Occupational Therapy



Pre-Dental Hygiene


Pre-Medical Laboratory Scientist

Pre-Zoology/Wildlife Biology