How do you decide what career path to pursue? Without yet having an internship or job in a field of interest, how do you find out more about a profession? 

In the Department of Accounting, we believe that it’s a key part of the student experience to meet and talk with professionals inside and outside the classroom. Hearing about different professional avenues and certifications from those with direct experience and/or expertise is critical in helping students decide their next steps.  

“I’m very new to accounting, so I appreciated the opportunity to see what it’s like to work in accounting and to find out how people are using the type of education we receive at MSU (Denver).” – Cathy Dawson, current undergraduate student 

In efforts to aid with this, we offered two virtual events called “All About Audit” where students could join us either during their lunch break in the afternoon session or after work in the evening session. Lecturer and Director of Internal Audit Education, Amanda “Jo” Erven, led the informative event, sharing her own experiences throughout. Topics covered included: breakdown image of accounting profession - all about audit presentationprofessional accounting certifications slide in all about audit presentation

  • the various career options within the accounting profession,  
  • internal vs. external audit,  
  • relevant professional organizations and certifications, and  
  • courses and certificates here at MSU Denver to further explore your interests and hone your skills.

In answering attendees’ questions about work/life balance, creative problem-solving, and more, Jo shared her tips on what to do now to best prepare to be a successful future auditor: 

  1. Work on your public speaking and communication skills – being a good communicator is key to effectively present your findings.  
  2. Enhance your relationship–building skills – you’ll need to work with colleagues, leadership, and/or clients to get access and data needed to conduct an audit. In sharing the results with C-suite leaders, part of the advising typically involves encouragement to make changes. You’ll want to navigate these situations with tact, as an audit and the potential resulting change may not initially be viewed favorably by all.  

The care and passion that Jo and the rest of the Accounting department have are incomparable. I have been to several of these events, and they have helped guide me into the profession I have decided to focus on. I look forward to learning more from all of the resources made available to me from MSU (Denver)!” – Robert Piña, current MPAcc student 

To aid in our students’ exploration of this vast accounting profession, we have many more accounting-related events this Spring ‘24 term for attendees to meet directly with local accounting professionals and experts. Join us!