MSU Denver

Our History

The African American Affairs Council was established in 1969, the same year as the African American Studies Department. Initially called the Afro-American Affairs Council, it consisted of the newly formed Black Student Union. Dr Flemon was its first Chair, with Dr. Gwendolyn Thomas serving as Vice Chair, Mrs. Mabel Leather was the secretary, Rachel Noel acted as Treasurer and Students-Elmer Officer, Jefferson Thomas, Greg Brenan, Bernard Robinson, William Miller, King Harris and Al Lewis acting as Parliamentarians.

The faculty and students worked hard during the academic year to established separate groups-The Afro-American Affairs Council and the Black Student Union. By the end of the academic year of 1969-70, there were two distinct groups yet pledged to work together on all issues related to African Americans on campus and within metropolitan Denver area.

The name change occurred during the academic year of 1972-76, when Dr. Flemon and Dr. Thomas worked for the name change. After many discussions, the Afro-American Affairs Councils became The African American Affairs Council during the academic year of 1975-76. Dr. Ben Monroe was elected chair in 1996, Dr. Flemon was elected vice chair, Mrs. Skip Crownhart was treasurer, Dr. CJ White was secretary and Dr. Ronald Knights was parliamentarian. This group served until 2002, when Mrs. Tracey Peters was elected chair, Mr. Alton Clark was vice chair, and with Mrs. Skip Crownhart was treasurer with Dr. Flemon as secretary and parliamentarian.

In 2004 Mr. Alton Clark assumed the chair’s position as Tracey resigned her position as chair for employment at a different college. Alton was elected as chair and Dr. Ronald Stephens was elected as Vice Chair until 2006. When he resigned the position, there was a gap in the vice chair’s position until 2007. Dr. Teresa Unseld was elected Vice Chair, and throughout her term Dr. Unseld has assisted in monumental changes within the organization.

We have changed from having Chair to president and Vice President implemented a mentoring program. Alton Clark continues to be president and Winston Grady-Wills was elected to Vice president of the AAAC until 2016 when he resigned and the acting chair of African American Studies assumed the position of Vice President.

Our Mission

The mission of this organization is to support the community of African and African-American members of Metropolitan State University of Denver through cultural, educational, and social events and exchanges; to include but not be limited to, the avocation of the following goals:

  1. Cooperation, communication, support and information exchange for African-American administrators, faculty, and classified personnel;
  2. Development of appropriate strategies to assist, encourages, and supports the implementation of the urban mission of Metropolitan State University of Denver;
  3. Maintenance of a registry of members available to serve as advocates and resource individuals for developing, planning, and evaluating initiatives, policies and procedures pertinent to African-Americans;
  4. Involvement and representation of African-Americans in the policy and decision-making process throughout the college;
  5. Articulation through forums through which African-Americans at Metropolitan State University of Denver may voice their unique concerns and issues collectively; and
  6. Appropriate professional/academic placement of African-American classified personnel, administrators, and faculty in accordance with their qualifications.

We also aim…

  • To facilitate and assist in the development and continuation of the organization in order to address the interests of the African American  community at Metropolitan State University of Denver
  • To promote and pursue affirmative action efforts to achieve and maintain parity of African American in the University community
  • To preserve a mechanism to ensure recruitment and retention of African American students
  • To articulate policies and procedures affecting African American faculty, staff and students at Metropolitan State University of Denver.
  • To develop and maintain a communication network between African American Faculty and Staff Association and the African American community in the Denver metro area
  • To foster unity and cooperation among African American