Meeting Schedule

Fall 2019 Commencement

Regular meetings shall be held monthly. The time and place of meetings shall be determined and fixed by the membership at the beginning of the academic year. Emergency or special meetings may be called by the chairperson or by no less than a group of five paid members. Notice of these meetings shall state the purpose (s) of the meeting, place, and time. Every effort will be made to contact each council member via email.


The African American Affairs Council, in partnership with the University of Colorado at Denver, host a fall and spring student graduation ceremony to honor the accomplishments of graduates at both institutions. At the ceremony, students are presented with a West African Kente Stole to adorn their cap and gown during commencement.

The following events also occur over the year:

  • The Gathering is a welcome community event that connects students with faculty and resources to promote campus unity and supports students’ academic and personal development on campus.
  • Faculty and Staff Appreciation Luncheon to recognize the excellence in teaching and commitment to the intellectual and academic well-being of students.
  • Social Hours/Meet Ups to foster unity and community among the African American on campus.