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Internship Program

Internships enhance the education of MSU Denver students by placing students in work experiences related to their academic major or minor.  The staff of the Internship Program works closely with students and employers to match the students' skills and theoretical training with positions in businesses, governmental agencies and non-profit organizations.  The Internship Program also works directly with faculty to ensure that internships meet the educational needs of our students.

Internship Preparation Class

Need an extra unit of credit?  Want more detail on finding and keeping a good internship?  We are offering a 1 unit class on finding an internship.  The class is offered every term.  Look for CPD 2380 - Finding an Internshp in the schedule.

TIP Online:  Our Internship Database 

TIP Online lists a wide number of internship positions for many different majors.   

If you have not yet called The Internship Program for an orientation appointment, you must do so before using TIP Online. Call 303 556-3290. 

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