Board of Trustees Bylaws

Bylaws pertaining to Board of Trustees governance and operations are available on the Trustees webpage, Board of Trustee Bylaws.


University Governance Policies

This page incorporates policies adopted by the MSU Denver Board of Trustees pursuant to C.R.S. § 23-54-102, et seq., and changes thereto adopted by the MSU Denver Board of Trustees from time to time.

Chapter 1: University Governance

1.1 Operational Mission Statement

1.2 Shared Governance Statement

1.3 Policy and Procedure Enactment

1.4 Freedom of Expression

1.5 Communication with the Board

1.6 Communication with External State Agencies

1.7 University Representation on the AHEC Governing Board

1.8 Colleges and Schools

1.9 Centers, Institutes and Academies

Chapter 2: Diversity and Inclusion

2.1 Discrimination, Harassment, Sexual Misconduct, Title IX & Retaliation

Chapter 3: Employment

3.1 University Officer Titles

3.2 University Staff Government

3.3 Employment Contract for Professional Personnel

3.4 Standard Personnel Recommendation and Information Forms

3.5 Presidential Authority Over Personnel Matters

3.6 Professional Development

3.7 Drug-free Workplace

3.8 Drugs and Alcohol

3.9 Faculty Employment Handbook Committee

3.10 Insurance Plan (Life, Health, Disability)

3.11 Tax-Deferred Annuity Plan

3.12 Defined Contribution Pension Plan

Chapter 4: Business, Finance and Facilities

4.1 Financial Authority

4.2 Tuition and Fees

4.3 Debt Management

4.4 Provision of Goods and Services

4.5 Enrollment Reporting

4.6 Reporting Requirements for Tax Exempt Debt

4.7 University Foundations: Gifts and Donations

4.8 Surplus Property

4.9 Leases of Real Property

4.10 Naming Rights

4.11 Sponsorships

4.12 Use of Tax-free Alcohol on Campus

4.13 Email, Computing, and Records

4.14 Contractual Indemnification

4.15 General Fund Reserves

Chapter 5: Academic Affairs

5.1 Academic Freedom

5.2 Academic Planning

5.3 Academic Program Approval and Discontinuation

5.4 Academic Program Review

5.5 Academic Calendar

5.6 Cooperative Programs

5.7 Admission Requirements of the University

5.8 Transfer of Earned Credits

5.9 Intellectual Property

5.10 Academic Policy Enactment

5.11 Honorary Degrees

Chapter 6: Student Affairs

6.1 Student Conduct, Disciplinary Action, and Student Due Process

6.2 Intercollegiate Athletics

6.3 Sale and Possession of Alcoholic Beverages

6.4 Recognition and Funding of Student Groups

Chapter 7: University President

7.1 Duties and Responsibilities of the University President

7.2 Evaluation of the University President

7.3 Appointment and Conditions of Employment of the University President

7.4 Selection of the University President

7.5 Designation of Responsibility in the Absence of the President