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Physicists study everything from the stars in the sky to the atomic particles in the atmosphere. Although it may seem complicated, physics – alongside its complementary math and philosophy – is the foundation of all sciences. Physicists who apply their expertise with biology, chemistry or astronomy can help cure disease, fight climate change and understand the evolution of our universe. Physicists develop new technology and help improve obsolete technology. Studying nature and how it works is crucial to improving humanity. Here in the department of Physics at MSU Denver, you will develop the tools to do just that as a part of your Physics degree.

The Department of Physics offers a Bachelor of Science degree, a Bachelor of Arts degree, and a Minor in Physics.  We also offer a Bachelor of Arts with Secondary Licensure for future STEM teachers.  As a Physics major, you will develop important skills such as the ability to think critically and objectively.  Physicists are known for their ability to solve novel problems. The advanced mathematical skills you will learn as a Physics major will serve you well not only in scientific workplaces such as laboratories and academic settings, but also more applied fields such as computer programming, engineering and so much more. Our graduates thrive in whichever career path they follow, even those paths aren’t in a traditional scientific field.  

There are plenty of ways to change the world for the better, but almost none of them can be implemented without an understanding of Physics. The opportunity to use knowledge in practical applications is what motivates physicists around the world. If you aspire to pursue an exciting degree in a field that will challenge and inspire you throughout your career, become a Physics major today and the Department of Physics at MSU Denver will help you pave the way.

Image of a rocket launching with reflection in pond


“Behind every great moon rover is a woman…or a hundred. The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) recently made history with lunar mission Chandrayaan-3, which landed a rover–Pragyan–on the moon’s south pole. To commemorate the achievement, the landing site was given the name Shive Shakti, after the concept of feminine energy in Hindu mythology. The reference is far from arbitrary; it’s meant to honor the women who helped make the ambitious space mission possible. ISRO states that around 25 percent of its 16,000 employees are women. Over 100 women were involved in the lunar mission as scientists or engineers, and contributed to making India the first nation to place a rover on one of the moon’s poles with a modest budget of $75 million.” (excerpt from Curious)


Why MSU Denver Physics?

Small class sizes taught by experienced professors who encourage individual interaction between students and faculty.

Learn from professional, diverse faculty with real-world experience.

Meaningful partnerships with Colorado-based aerospace, applied physics companies and national labs which offer multiple opportunities for internships and job placement.

We offer the best value for your education dollars.

Careers in Physics

What can you do with your Physics degree?

  • Biophysicist
  • Seismologist
  • Medical Physicist
  • Molecular Physicist
  • Chemical Physicist
  • Ballistics Expert
  • Astronomy
  • Condensed Matter Physicist
  • Engineer (Aerospace Civil, Electrical)
  • Software Engineer
  • Finance
  • Cryptography
  • Medical Imaging
  • Environmental Analyst
  • Sales Engineer
  • Satellite Data Analyst/Engineer
  • Science Writer
  • Project Manager

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