How to Apply to MSU Denver

How to Apply to the BRNCO RN to BS Program

1. See if you qualify for acceptance and financial aid

MSU Denver admits about 90% of applicants every year, and we are excited to help you discover all the financial support you are eligible to receive. To get admitted and learn more about financial aid contact an online enrollment specialist.

2. Check if your college credits transfer to MSU Denver

Compare credits you have previously completed on our Transfer Credit Portal. By reviewing your previous courses, you can determine which courses will be accepted on your path to graduation.

3. Submit MSU Denver’s FREE application

Select Nursing Undeclared Major when you complete the FREE MSU Denver Application today! All BRNCO RN to BS students must begin their application as Nursing (Undeclared).

4. Submit Your Transcripts

Submit college transcripts, AP scores, IB transcript, or DD214.

  • Electronically: [email protected]
  • Mail: Office of Admissions, 890 Auraria Parkway, Denver CO 80204

1. See if you qualify for acceptance as a BRNCO Student

The RN to BS program is competitive and includes GPA and other requirements. Please carefully review the requirements and speak to the BRNCO advisor well in advance of when you plan to apply.

2. Use the departmental application for the BRNCO Program

IMPORTANT! You must use your MSU Denver login credentials to complete the BRNCO Application; if you don’t have MSU Denver login credentials you are not ready to apply. See “How to Apply to MSU Denver” for prospective BRNCO students on this page. Accepted MSU Denver Nursing (Undeclared) students can apply to the BRNCO program at any time.

The priority application deadlines for the BRNCO are: December 1st (Spring Start), May 1st (Summer Start), and August 1st (Fall Start). Applications received after the deadline will be accepted on a space available basis.

What could disqualify me from the BRNCO program?

Please see the MSU Denver Background Check Guidelines. In addition, a drug test will be done prior to admission to the BRNCO program.