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Space Reservation

Interested in using a room or rooms in an MSU Denver owned building (JSSB, Aviation and Aerospace, Hospitality, etc.)? Check out the MSU Denver Facilities website to reserve rooms and get information on room capacities. 

Interested in using a room or rooms in shared buildings on campus (Tivoli, Plaza, King Center, West, Central, Science, etc.)? First, download the ACES Info Packet to see a breakdown of spaces and costs. Student orgs are a Category 1 group and receive a discount on room reservation on campus. Next, get in contact with Auraria Campus Event Services (ACES) to reserve the space. It may take some time for them to be in contact with you so it is best to plan in advance. 

Many departments on campus have rooms that they control the space usage of. For example, GITA has a large conference room and event space. This space is available to student organizations to use! Please email [email protected] in order to reserve the space. If there is a room you are interested in using and you know it is operated by a specific department, please reach out to them directly and they will be able to assist you.

Frequently Used Contacts

Center for Multicultural Engagement and Inclusion (CMEI)

Tivoli 305/JSSB 237


The Student Advocacy Council (TSAC)

Tivoli 307


Auraria Campus Event Services (ACES)

Tivoli 325


Dean of Students Office

Tivoli 317


CMEI Office of Student Media

Tivoli 313


Campus Police

Admin 110